Dental Hygienist

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Provides assistance to the dentists in providing treatment and responsible for the efficient operation and proper maintenance of the clinic’s dental facility.


  1. Oral Examination
    • Performs routine oral examination for pre-employment and annual physical exams when the dentist are engaged in procedures.
    • Ensures proper checking of patients scheduled for oral examination.
    • Identifies all active factors that are capable of causing or may contribute to the deterioration of oral health and function.
    • Records findings in an oral examination and provides dental counseling.
  2. Maintains the dental clinic area including equipments and instruments in clean and orderly condition at any time
    • Accomplishes the stock requisition forms and inventory in coordination with the dental staff and the administrative supervisor.
    • Maintain adequate inventory of supplies.
    • Clean and sterilize the instruments and hand pieces used after treatment and procedures (strictly follow the cleaning and sterilization guidelines set by the QA).
    • Performs routine care and maintenance of dental equipment and instruments and reports to the Clinic Officer and Administrative Assistant any defective tem for immediate repair.
    • Preserves the dental clinics as highly sterile area at all times (strictly follow the cleaning guidelines set by the QA).
  3. Provides assistance to the dentist in providing treatment and procedures
    • Ensures the availability of all supplies and sterile instruments for any treatment or procedures including consent and waiver forms.
    • Prepares the instruments including the set-up before a procedure.
    • Receive patients, provides necessary instructions and prepare them for treatment.
    • Provides instruments and dispense materials as directed by the dentists during procedures.
    • Keeps a watchful eye on patient’s condition during the procedure and be alert to inform the dentist for any untoward sign or symptom or undesirable manifestation.
    • Makes appointments for patients, confirm the schedule at least one day prior the treatment date.
    • Confirms the daily appointments of patients.
    • Informs the dentists the daily schedule of procedures.
    • Answers the telephone inquiries and carry out other office duties including proper keeping of patient’s records.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Dental Hygienist.
  • Minimum of 1 year related work experience.
  • Strong analytical skills and keen to details.
  • Highly-organized and has a strong sense of ownership.
  • Must have strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Provide proactive measures on delinquent accounts.
  • Results-oriented and can work well under pressure.
  • Knowledge in finance-related programs will be an advantage.
  • Knowledge in organizational policies, procedures and system.


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